Harnessing autoglass expertise for Windscreen Replacement, Insurance Claim, and Car Tinting

KL Auto Glass Specialist | Expert Windscreen Replacement Services 

We specialize in professional auto glass services including windshield replacement, car tinting, and insurance claims. 

Experience quality, convenience, and expertise with 5ilica Autoglass. 

Professional windscreen replacement in progress

Windscreen Replacement 

5ilica Autoglass is a one-stop-shop for repairing and replacing automobile glass. With skilled technicians, state-of-the-art equipment, and a focus on excellent customer service, we provide quality services for all types of vehicles.

Door-To-Door Services | Pick-Up & Deliver Services

Insurance Claim 

We help you with your insurance claim for windscreen replacement. We will work with your insurance company to get the process started and make sure you get the coverage you deserve. 

Dedicated professionals assisting with insurance claims
Skilled technicians performing expert car tinting service

Tint Film

Get your car tinted at 5ilica Autoglass. We offer a variety of tints to choose from and our technicians will do a professional job. 


We also sell car accessories such as wipers, car fragrances, and more to come.

Practical add-ons that improve your driving experience

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